has made a decision not to provide roofing reports or roof measurements for roofers.

August 12, 2021

At the recent roofing conference in Las Vegas in August 2021, demonstrated for the first time some roof measuring technology using LiDAR data from Google Project Sunroof. However, the company has now made a decision that it will not be offering roof measurements or roof reports to roofers and that instead it will concentrate on our main business of roofing lead generation. There are three reasons for this:

  • The AI technology we had developed had limited accuracy and so in many cases it was not accurate enough for use by roofers when quoting;
  • We feel that being the best roofing lead generation business in America is a large enough challenge and that we should concentrate on developing consumer focused content that will allow our site to generate high quality roofing leads; and
  • There is significant patent litigation pending with large companies that specialize in roof measurements for roofers. As a small, start up company we do not wish to get involved in such issues.

We apologize to the people we have spoken to in the last week or so about roof reports and roof measurements but we believe firmly that the best way we can add value to roofing companies is to provide a new, high quality lead source where all leads come from the same website and go through the same call to action.

The major players in roofing leads historically have offered leads that come from many different affiliate sources. We believe this leads to lower quality leads. This is the reason many roofing companies have struggled to generate good returns from buying leads. All of our roofing leads will be generated on and we believe this will provide consistent lead quality and returns to our roofing partners.