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Why is considered the best site to get an online roof estimate and/or gather roof quotes from local roofing companies?

Accurate Online Roof Measurements has an accurate, AI-powered online roof measuring tool that allows both you and the roofers to see the measurements of your roof instantly, meaning they can quote you instantly. Most online roofing calculators simply ask you to guess your roof measurements and the pitch of your roof, making their online roof measurements and estimates very inaccurate. Similarly, most roofers who are not on do not have access to instant roof measurements. They use roof report services that take four to 24 hours to deliver roof measurements to the roofer, delaying your quote by one to two days.

Accurate Online Cost Estimate has accurate cost data and shows you an online estimate of the cost of replacing your roof with your preferred roofing material before you seek quotes from roofing companies. The cost data used is from the Craftsman Construction Cost Guide, which is used by almost every estimator in the construction industry as well as by our own network of local roofers who share localized pricing data with us. This online estimate is incredibly helpful in the planning stages of a project because its measurements and cost estimate are extremely accurate and are able to be obtained without needing to provide any personal data or speak to any roofing companies.

Best Network of Pre-Screened Local Roofing Companies

At, we believe that roofing is inherently best left to smaller, family-owned, local roofing companies who can provide you with a great quality of service as well as complete both large roof replacement jobs and smaller repair jobs. We have a network of over 300 local roofing companies that cover the vast majority of the country. Most of these companies have been in business for more than five years, are local and family-owned, and all of them have an excellent reputation. We are confident that any one of the companies in our roofer network will treat you well.

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