) What Is The Best Shower Enclosure for Your Home?

What is the best shower enclosure for your home? Types, styles, and brands

Image source: DreamLine

Chris Gennone

By Chris Gennone

May 13, 2022


Shower enclosures not only keep warm air in and your floors dry, but they provide more privacy and separation from the rest of your bathroom. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, choosing the right type of shower is one of the most important factors. There are several different types of shower enclosures to choose from and plenty of configurations. With a sea of brands, shapes, styles, and types, it can be difficult to decide on what’s best for you.

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Types of shower enclosures

Here are the types of shower enclosures that can be installed in your home.


Framed shower enclosure

Image source: Basco

Average total cost range (with installation): $150-$2,000

Framed shower enclosures are the standard type of shower enclosure and feature some type of metal frame around the edges of the door, such as aluminum or chrome. Framed enclosures typically have thinner, tempered glass, which makes them easier to install and more cost-effective than frameless enclosures. These enclosures are also fully sealed and usually feature sliding shower doors that help prevent leakage. Unfortunately, this type of shower enclosure limits the customizations you can make.


Frameless shower enclosure

Image source: Walmart

Average total cost range (with installation): $800-$2,200

Frameless shower enclosures feature no vertical framework and instead show exposed glass edges. These enclosures usually include thicker glass, which makes them more expensive and difficult to install. Fortunately, though, they offer more design options and a more contemporary appearance. Frameless shower doors usually have a French opening with doors that hinge out between one or two fixed glass panels.


Semi-frameless shower enclosure

Image source: Amazon

Average total cost range (with installation): $300-$2,400

Semi-frameless enclosures feature the best of both worlds with minimal framework and some glass edges. These types of enclosures tend to be cheaper than fully frameless ones but still capture the same appeal.

Shower enclosure styles

With many different types of shower enclosure styles available, you're sure to find one that best suits your bathroom.

Square shower

Square shower

Image source: Overstock

Square showers have the same length on all sides and fit easily in small bathrooms. Thanks to their perfect square shape with no curves, these showers can be customized in a variety of different ways, including frameless hinged shower enclosures, brushed nickel frames, or glass shower doors.

Quadrant shower

Quadrant shower enclosure

Image source: Polysan

With two straight sides and curved glass, quadrant showers are designed to fit perfectly in corners and most average-sized bathrooms. These might run more expensive than other styles due to the curved glass, but quadrants work perfectly as corner showers if you’re trying to save some space.

Walk-in shower

Walk-in shower enclosure

Image source: Everything Simple

Walk-in showers are a perfect fit for master bathrooms, providing more shower space and accessibility. Walk-in showers are also very customizable, allowing you to choose the dimensions you need and add things like sliding glass doors. They usually feature clear glass panels which are fixed to the shower wall with a shower pan underneath. These showers can be expensive but can be a more modern approach if budget and space are not an issue.

Neo-angle shower

Neo-angle shower enclosure

Image source: VIGO

Neo-angle showers are corner shower enclosures designed with five sides and a shower door, giving you a stylish look without sacrificing space. Though neo-angle shower enclosures can be expensive, they can give smaller bathrooms a more sophisticated look.

The best shower enclosures and kits

Whether you’re updating or completely renovating your bathroom, choosing the best shower enclosure comes down to several crucial factors. In addition to size requirements and a variety of different design options, you’ll also need to consider things like where the drain is located to determine which type of shower enclosure or shower kit you’ll need.


Delta 38” Neo-Angle Enclosure

Delta 38” Neo-Angle Enclosure

Image source: Delta

Average cost: $529

This shower kit from delta features a neo-angle polished chrome enclosure with tempered clear glass panels and a pivot door. You can find this shower kit at big chain stores like Home Depot for $529, which includes a polystyrene shower base and a shower pan. While it may not be the most exciting shower enclosure, this low-profile option is worth the price.

For small bathrooms

OVE Decors Breeze

OVE Decors Breeze

Image source: OVE

Average cost: $929 (without walls)

At 34” long, this quadrant shower base kit is perfect for small and mid-sized bathrooms. The OVE Decors Breeze shower kit comes with an acrylic base, chrome aluminum hardware, and a reversible sliding door. You can purchase the kit without walls or with walls for a higher price.

For large bathrooms

DreamLine Enigma-X

DreamLine Enigma-X

Image source: DreamLine

Average cost: $1,250

Between the smaller DreamLine Prism, the DreamLine Cornerview shower kits, and the bigger DreamLine Prism Plus, the Enigma-X is one of the larger shower enclosure options you can find. With a width between 56" and 60", this rectangular shower kit fits well in large bathrooms.

This frameless shower kit comes with stainless steel hardware, tempered clear glass panels, and a sliding door but does not include the slimline base. Though it’s one of the more expensive kits you can buy, its elegant appearance makes it a solid choice if budget isn’t an issue.

For corners

Sunny Shower Sliding Door

Sunny Shower Sliding Door

Image source: Sunny Shower

Average cost: $400

This curved quadrant shower kit fits most smaller spaces and corners, featuring two sliding shower enclosures and clear tempered glass. This kit does not include a base, though, which could increase the cost by up to $700.

For the design

DreamLine French Corner

DreamLine French Corner

Image source: Amazon

Average cost: $769

Not only is this semi-frameless French corner shower stylish, but its satin black sliding door makes it a great option for smaller spaces. This shower kit does not include the base or showerhead, but you’ll be able to add them to a bundle.

Find the right shower enclosure for your home

Whether you’re considering a bathroom remodel or update, choosing the right shower is a crucial step. With an endless amount of options to choose from, deciding what fits within your budget, space, and desired aesthetic can be exhausting. Most shower kits don’t include shower bases or showerheads, so make sure to add those into your budget. Now that you've read up on the different types, styles, and brands of shower enclosures, you should be well-equipped to find the right one for your home.

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