) The 5 Best End Vent Slider Window Brands

The 5 best end vent slider window brands

Image source: Pella 

Jack Wisniewski

By Jack Wisniewski

November 23, 2021


End vent slider windows feature horizontally operating sashes at either end with a fixed panel in the middle.

Essentially, they're a picture window sandwiched between two sliding windows all in one unit.

End vent windows, therefore, share many perks with normal sliding windows, particularly ease-of-operation and ventilation.

However, with three panes instead of just two, end vent sliders typically run wider than a traditional single slider and double slider windows – a good thing for those seeking to maximize views and fresh air.

They're not as maintenance-free as an awning or as energy-efficient casement windows, but few window types ventilate a wide opening as well as end vent sliders.

If this sounds like an ideal fixture for your new construction or replacement window installation, you've come to the right place.

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We at RoofingCalculator pride ourselves on forgoing brand partnerships to provide readers with unbiased reviews.

Our team has determined the five best companies that manufacture end vent slider windows.

Let's dive in.

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Our window rating criteria

Although many manufacturers sell end vent slider windows, only a few caught our attention.

For starters, we prioritized slider windows that meet or exceed Energy Star performance ratings in all four climate zones.

That means they can save you money on energy bills compared to non-energy-efficient windows no matter where you live in the United States. If you install before the end of 2021, you can even qualify for a $500 tax credit by installing energy-efficient windows.

Additionally, we sought well-established companies with nationwide availability.

This provides two benefits:

  • First, you can likely compare, contrast, and purchase at least some of these brands at any home improvement store close to home.
  • Second, we expect these historically successful companies to stay in business for the foreseeable future. This fosters our confidence that they will be around to honor their warranties in the decades to come.

Window brands

Now that we know what these window brands have in common, let's see what sets them apart in terms of materials, warranties, and options.

Brand Material Warranty Including labor
Alside Mezzo Vinyl Lifetime, transferable within 30 years 1 year
Jeld-Wen V-2500, V-4500 Vinyl Lifetime, transferable within 10 years 2 years
Pella 250 Vinyl Lifetime 2 years
Pella 250 Vinyl Lifetime 2 years
Simonton Reflections, Madeira Vinyl Double lifetime Lifetime (Madeira only)
Marvin Signature Ultimate Wood and aluminum-clad wood Varies by individual component None

Alside Mezzo windows

Alside Mezzo end vent slider windows in a residential home

Image source: Alside

What we like: Customization options, lifetime glass breakage warranty

What we don't like: Design complaints, not available at home improvement stores

We didn't give the most glowing review of Alside windows earlier this year due to reports of them failing.

Nevertheless, we can't deny that their Mezzo line has exceptional energy-efficiency ratings, strong warranty coverage, and a long list of customization options.

These vinyl windows, which come in end vent slider configurations, can lower your energy bills when equipped with insulated glass, cavity foam insulation, and low-emissivity glass coatings.

To inspire confidence, Alside provides a lifetime transferable warranty, including glass breakage.

We contend you'll find an end vent slider window that suits your unique tastes as they offer 13 exterior colors, nine interior colors, and six brick mold sizes among other decorative options.

On the downside, you won't find their windows at any big-box stores. Alside only sells products to independent distributors.

JELD-WEN V-2500 and V-4500

JELD-WEN V-2500 end vent slider windows in a living room

Image source: JELD-WEN

What we like: Quality, availability

What we don’t like: Not the best customer satisfaction

You almost can't discuss vinyl window brands without mentioning JELD-WEN.

According to a 2021 survey of 784 contractors, JELD-WEN scores first out of 21 as the most-used vinyl window brand and second in overall quality.

Of course, don't let one survey dictate your decision. JELD-WEN only ranked eighth in J.D. Power's 2021 window and patio door satisfaction survey.

Despite the inconsistent opinions, we like the inexpensive pricing from their entry-level vinyl V-2500 line, which offers end vent slider windows with three interior and five exterior color options.

Despite their affordability, these JELD-WEN windows can exceed energy efficiency standards around the country thanks to their Low-E glass coatings.

If you have the funds to spare, check out their premium V-4500 series. Energy Star recognized this model as one of the most efficient slider windows in 2021.

Even if you're not completely sold on JELD-WEN, they mark a solid starting point for comparisons as you can find their products in Home Depot and Lowe's.

Pella 250

Pella 250 end vent slider windows in a living room

Image source: Pella

What we like: Name recognition, simplicity

What we don’t like: Limited personalization options

Next to Andersen, Pella is perhaps the most recognizable name in the window and patio door industry.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that such a distinguished company provides an abundant selection of window styles, including the end vent slider.

In particular, their 250 series sliding window offers a straightforward blend of affordability, durability, and efficiency.

On that last point, equipping the 250 slider window with Pella's optional Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass and triple glass glazing will boost its performance beyond Energy Star expectations.

The 250 comes in five exterior frame colors and a white interior, but that should suffice if you don't need a thoroughly tailor-made window.

Simonton Reflections 5500 and Madeira

Simonton Madeira end vent slider windows in a residential home

Image source: Simonton

What we like: Customization options, lifetime labor warranty (Madeira line only)

What we don’t like: Customer complaints

Since Simonton earned a spot on our best vinyl window manufacturers list, we feel inclined to recommend their end vent slider windows.

Simonton delivers strong right out of the gate with an extensive array of customization options for their slider windows. Specifically, you can choose between nine exterior colors, six interior finishes, seven hardware finishes, and seven grid styles.

They give you fewer glass options, but that's a good thing for Simonton's Reflections 5500 and Madeira lines. Both of these collections can fulfill Energy Star requirements across the country thanks in part to their standard double-pane argon gas insulated glass units.

Stepping away from their physical qualities, we should point out that Simonton includes a "double-lifetime" warranty. This means both you and the subsequent homeowner receive non-prorated coverage against defects for the lifetime of the product – a rarity among windows.

Speaking of exceptional warranties, Simonton sweetens the deal immensely for their Madeira line by throwing in a lifetime labor warranty.

Simonton defies expectations on paper, but real-life reviews tell a less exciting story.

The Better Business Bureau gave Ply Gem, Simonton's parent company, the worst possible rating on their platform.

Although it's worth noting, we take these consumer watchdog scores with a heap of salt because most customers who leave reviews have a serious bone to pick.

Marvin Signature Ultimate

Marvin Signature Ultimate end vent slider windows in a kitchen

Image source: Marvin

What we like: Wooden appeal, personalization options

What we don't like: Pricey, shorter warranty

Whether you seek an end vent slider or simply shopping around, Marvin makes a convincing case as one of the best window brands – period.

This sentiment partly stems from their catalog of high-end wooden windows.

As it just so happens, Marvin sells end vent slider windows in wood and wood-clad window frames through their Signature Ultimate series.

The timeless wooden allure doesn't even cover half of it.

Arguably, it's the wide range of finishes, hardware, and architectural trim options that place Marvin's end vent slider windows in a league of their own.

They're uncharacteristically efficient for wooden windows, too. Out of the 92 products recognized on Energy Star's 2021 list of most efficient horizontal slider windows, only four are made of wood or wood-clad. Marvin manufacturers two of them.

Unfortunately, though, wooden windows don't come cheap, and Marvin justifiably provides shorter warranty coverage than their rugged vinyl competitors, but we insist you won't find a more attractive end vent slider.

Choosing an end vent slider window brand

Every end vent slider window company offers something a little different.

At a bare minimum, we made sure each window meets Energy Star standards and comes from a successful brand with coast-to-coast availability.

A crucial point to note: we don’t delve into the varying installation processes among brands. We recommend confirming with your contractor that they know how to work with your brand of choice, whether that be for new construction or a retrofit.

Despite this, we think most homeowners will discover a formidable balance of aesthetics and value between Alside, JELD-WEN, Pella, Simonton, and Marvin in their new windows.

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