Metal Roof Cost Calculator

Enter your address below and the metal roof cost calculator will obtain measurements for your roof using Google Project Sunroof's LiDAR measurements. It will also estimate roof replacement costs using data from the Craftsman Construction Cost Guide, which is the default cost estimating data used by almost everybody in the construction and insurance industries.

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What makes the metal roof cost calculator the best?

All of the other metal roof replacement cost calculators available ultimately fail because they ask you to enter the length and width of your roof. This would be fine if you knew the exact length and width of your home and if your home was a perfect rectangle. But in most cases, neither of these things are true. These simple calculators also ask you to enter the pitch of your roof to try and estimate the square feet of roof area, but again, this is something you are unlikely to know off the top of your head and so the figure you enter is likely to be wrong.

The beauty of our metal roof cost calculator is we are able to obtain the measurements of your roof and the pitch of your roof from LiDAR data provided by Google Project Sunroof.

Once we go past the measurements and calculating roof area, our calculator is also more accurate at estimating a cost based on the type of metal roof selected, as well as the roof area. The reason for this is that we use the most accurate construction cost estimating database produced by Craftsman Data. This database not only has per square feet rates for both materials and labor, but it also accounts for differences in industry pricing from city to city.

The final advantage of our metal roof cost calculator is that we have a network of over 200 metal roof installation companies across the country that are pre-screened to be among the best roofers you can find. After viewing your online estimate, you can request a bid from between one and four of these roofing companies. These companies offer very competitive rates to homeowners as they know it is a competitive platform.