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This calculator will measure your roof using the latest AI technology and instantly provide you with an accurate estimate before you even speak to a roofing company.

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About our "Expert Rating Score for Roofers"

Why is the best place to organize your roofing project? is the only website that provides all of the information and services you need to get the best result on your roofing project. We have developed three unique tools that have never before been brought together to help those planning a roofing project;

  • We have an accurate online roofing cost estimator that measures your roof using LiDAR data and tells you the likely cost of your roofing project before you even speak to a roofing company
  • We have developed a world first background screening and quality rating score for roofers based on 13 key metrics that ensures we only get bids from the best local roofers near you

What is the RoofingCalculator Expert Rating Score?

A score we give a roofing company out of 100 based on 13 criteria that our RoofingCalculator industry experts believe are the best criteria to separate good and bad roofing companies. About our "Expert Rating Score for Roofers"



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